•  All built-in streams of presented webcams on the site are intended for informational purposes only.
  • All broadcast sources (links to video streams ) should be taken exclusively from open sources or provided for full use by the copyright holders themselves . Broadcasting rights belong to their rightful owners. 
  • The site administration does not bear any responsibility for errors on the site, incorrect information not presented to users of the broadcast.
  • Rewards for viewing broadcasts provided by users are not fixed and can be changed by the administration at any time without warning.
  • Age limit 18+
  • In order , to add your webcam , you must fill out a form. Correctly indicating the category of placement and location of the camera.
  • ONLY links to live webcams , which are placed on a separate page with a unique URL , are added to the site . Duplicate links are deleted by the site moderator. 
  • Conducted direct broadcast LIVE stored on the server and can be downloaded into the flow , and 48 hours after their implementation.   




Video service of online broadcasts « TripletCam » is:


  • Live broadcast

You can reach your audience live using live streaming.


  • Custom channel

These are sections designed to display a brief personal description, thumbnails of the videos you have uploaded, and your playlists .


  • Playlist user

Sort videos into groups or topics that you and your viewers to make it easier to find the content , which they like the most.


  • User subscription

The ability to subscribe to the channels you would like to see and use more content from these channels.


  • Video stats

You can track the performance of your videos with the latest metrics and statistics reports.


  • Share video

You can share your videos with the popular social .c etey and embed videos into your own website.


  • Monetization

Get paid for watching your video and broadcast paid PPV video.


TripletCam service is designed for :


  1. Businesses who need to connect surveillance cameras with simple and secure solutions
  2. Organizations wishing to promote their products / services in a new non-standard way
  3. Infobusiness , which is important for broadcasting paid and free webinars , trainings, presentations, lessons
  4. Broadcasting companies that wish to cover interesting events of various directions and expand their audience via the Internet.
  5. Transport companies that wish to monitor everything that happens in the transport and / or outside it
  6. Bloggers who want to capitalize on interesting live broadcasts , show their talents and ideas, and gather an audience around them.
  7. News companies, which are important not only to broadcast their live broadcast, but also to receive the latest interesting content from users.
  8. Manufacturers of content , who wish to broadcast the closed toll broadcasting.
  9. Streamers of game content is an opportunity to receive additional free traffic from social networks. networks, gain the trust of viewers and share their expertise.


And many more ...